Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Damn yall sorry I haven't posted anything a while. Just been gone for a minute but now I'm back up in it. So much shit is going on in the world but the most pressing issue is our economy. So many people loosing there jobs and homes. Crazy. Along with those losses come gains in crime. Best believe if you flossing someone is watching. And when people are stressed out over money the usually turn to a familiar friend...the bottle. Some prefer goose, some prefer nuvo, some prefer henny (I know I do) and it sure shows. Every Friday when the work week ends for me I come home and have a glass of gold rum straight from Trinidad. Its mad strong and melos me out. I don't drink it to get drunk but just to chill. I also have an un-opened bottle of that black label henny (limited edition to honor Barack). I'm saving that though but I damn sure crushed the other bottle I bought. So I'm thinking people struggling trying to keep there money right but we all need things to keep our mind off our problems for just a lil bit. I hit this spot with my homeboys Saturday night, right. First off these dudes must not know its a recession cause it was $40 at the door. I'm like are you serious but fuck it cause we drove a lil ways so its whatever. I get in and its packed. Crowd is chill, everyone having a good time mingling and such. Then what seems to be the song of choice these days "blame it on the alcohol" comes on and I'm sure that's what everyone was doing the next day...blaming it on  the al al al al al cohol. Man everyone had a drink. And I mean drinks don't come cheap. I hope people were not charging those shots of patron to there visa cause 21% interest on that shot is a killer. But it was as if everyone had forgotten whatever issues or problems they are facing as Americans. And the best part was there wasn't anyone trying to act tough or get reckless. Mad chill. I know I was mad super relaxed thanks to the 3 hennys(straight) and the shot of whatever that bartender hooked me up with. On the way home I was telling my homeboy that I haven't been out in a while and I needed that. I'm sure I wasn't the only person saying that...and then the next day regretting it lol. But what I'm trying to say is it was good to see people smiling. I see so many sad faces on TV and in my office (I'm a banker if you ain't know, now you know) and it was truly nice to see people enjoying life. We all have to work hard to do our part in fixing America but we should also play hard when we can and that's the reality of the situation.

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