Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I don't know if yall have heard how much Russell Simmons is paying Kimora Lee in child support but I'm going to break it down. He agrees to pay $20k each for his daughters. Pretty steep huh? Well it doesn't stop there. He also has to buy Kimora a car that cost at least $60k and replace it every 3 years annnnnnnnd the buck doesn't stop there. He may only see his kids once every 8 weeks and on random holidays accompanied by at least a nanny and security person. You would think a man paying all that could see his kids whenever he wants. I'm sure hes also paying a huge chunk of loot in alimony to this woman and he gave her baby phat and is letting her run phat farm. Now I bring this up today to show how lopsided and foolish the Judaical system is when it comes to a dads parental rights and what he should provide for his kids. I wouldn't have a problem with the $40k if lets say $30k of it were going into some kind of saving for his daughters for future use. And the car thing is just out of this world. What, is this woman broke? We never know what goes on behind close doors but Russell is always portrayed as a loving father and I have never heard Kimora bad mouth him. Now this man is worth in excess of $400 million but does that mean he should just write his ex a check and let her decide how the money will benefit the children. I think when a man is paying child support a courts should audit the ex-spouses accounts each year to make sure that money is being used appropriately. Its bad enough that these young chicks will do anything for a rapper/athlete a drop once off in her drawers and this is why they do it. Child support should not be you meal ticket or your way out the hood. SAD SAD SAD. And thats the reality of the situation.

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