Friday, February 5, 2010

Dungy: Greatest ever?

I read an article on Former Indianapolis Coach Tony Dungy called Higher Calling: For some reason it made me look at Tony Dungy even closer. Allow me to indulge you on my thoughts of Mr. Dungy. As a coach he has 1 Super Bowl victory. More than most. I would also argue that the 2002 Tampa Bay Superbowl ring that John Gruden sports belongs to to Tony since he put that team together. Also, if Jim Caldwell wins with the Colts this Sunday then I will gladly pay the postage to send his ring to Tony myself. So that's 3 rings. Pretty good huh. Also adding he is the only black Super Bowl winning coach in history. Funny isn't it? Only one black head coach to win the Super Bowl with a league that is 90% black. Another thought for another blog. Tony has since retired and moved on to broadcasting. Most ex-pro players and coaches only do this as a part time job until the next big payday comes. Not Tony, as he has turned down multiple offers to be a front office executive for a team and a coach. Either of which would probably make him the highest paid at his position. Some how he has transformed himself as a man with all the answers (much like myself). Most notably with his impact on Commissioner Roger Goddell's decision to reinstate Micheal Vick into the NFL. I don't think Vick head a chance without Tony Dungy vouching for him. In a sport as a I mentioned before that is predominately black but the faces of the sport are always white, Dungy gives us a sound voice and opinion. He speaks out against injustices such as the lack of black head coaches at top schools in college. He mentors college athletes like LaGarrett Blount when it seemed the whole world had painted him out as a thug and thrown him to the way side. To me Tony is a throw back. He represents a time when black sports figures cared about more than how there sneakers sold. Thanks Jordan. He reminds me of Bill Russell, Jim Brown, and Muhammad Ali. Guys who spoke about how they felt regardless of how unsettling it made white America. Hes Johnnie Cochran without a law degree. He defends us int he court of public opinion...and wins. He represents a well rounded black man. They say he is "christian" but like most religions Christians can be judgemental and he seems the least bit that. I admire those who can preach to me but don't sound preachy. He can relate to anyone of any background or color just the same. He is the image of a strong, smart, loving black man. Most of us don't have that at home and in most cases mainstream society doesn't show it on TV or in the movies. For all of those things (and many more) I view him as the greatest football coach ever. He doesn't yell, scream, or curse like a Bill Parcells but you hear him just as clear and even better...YOU LISTEN.

For details on him just check out his bio:

Monday, February 1, 2010

McDonalds and Hip Hop

Go to to view the new McDonald's rap video.

Last night I was watching the tube and maybe I'm just late or maybe it just didn't bother me until now but when did Micky D's turn hip hop? I'm sure no one on the board of directors resembles Russell Simmons and last I checked Ronald McDonald had white skin and red hair. Now he might rock a bush but he damn sure ain't a brotha. Lets look at the facts shall we. The majority of Americans are over weight. Some school systems have even taken gym off the curriculum. We already know black kids don't get very nutritious meals for a variety of reasons. Also, a lot of black people are over weight. We don't like to admit it but it's true. We suffer from strokes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure like no other. We love food that isn't healthy. Hell, I love a full rack of ribs. I eat McDonald's about 5 times a year. I ate it a lot more as a kid and can't really stand it that much these days. It's quick, cheap,a and now hip hop? Really? I don't know if these commercials are airing in lets say Ohio like they are hear int he DC metropolitan area but I'm a tad offended. As if there aren't already enough ways for blacks to harm there bodies now Ronald Reagan...I mean McDonald is trying to give us other avenue. You know, if crack and HIV doesn't work have a big mac snack wrap. Maybe I'm being a little over sensitive but damn do I really need some black chick with kinky hair rapping "up early in the morning thought my day would be wack/ until I, turned on the TV and heard breakfast is back". Why not just turn an old negro spiritual hymn into a commercial. Just another part of our culture that is being used by corporate giants to mock us and destroy us...and that's the reality of the situation.

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