Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What a moment we just witnessed. A black man officially named President of the United States. This accomplishment can not be overstated. I feel a great sense of pride because now the overwhelming image of a black man is not a drug dealer or thief. It's not a deadbeat dad. It's not a rapper or athlete. It's a Harvard grad. It's a black man married to a black woman. It's an image of intelligence, confidence, and strength. Say what you will but he is the right person for this job. I only have one concern. Its the notion that since we have a black president all is well in black America. Many have reference ML K's "I have a dream speech", saying that Barack is that dream. I think that Barack was in that dream but what Dr. King in visioned was much larger than The president and I'm sure even he would admit that. We all have a role to play and lets help him. Don't sit around waiting for him to help you. Over the course of his 1st term in office lets see black high school dropout rates go down. Lets see less black men going to jail. Lets see more black college grads. He can't make all of that happen on his own. Everyone is calling him an inspiration and I agree with that tag but I'm sure there will be days when he need inspiration and what better way to make sure he has it than by doing our part as black Americans and getting off our asses and making a difference wherever we can. Think about it. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yo fellas, have yall noticed how chicks be creeping? It use to be all about men being dogs but man woman be doing there thing these days. Picture this. Your a good dude. You respect your women, buy her things, and cook dinner. You work hard and have a bright future. You think that all of these things make your woman happy...or do they? Yes on the surface this would make most women happy but there is one thing that is very important in a relationship that people try and down play...its that 12 play. Making her body do the Harlem shake and making her toes curl to make a black power fist. Oh yes this is a must. If your not hitting it right best believe someone else is or will. She going out with her girls and she got her hair done rocking that freakum dress Beyonce told her to wear. Mean while you thinking like "shit she don't get done up like that for me. All I ever see her in is some big ass draws and a head wrap". She talking about "baby I love you but we just having a girls night out". Uh huh. She loves the attention she gets from other men. She tight and she knows it and other guys make sure to remind her daily so she knows she can get some on the hush if she want. All of a sudden that girls night out once a month turns in to three times a month. And the sex yall was having has dropped from 5 times a week to like 1. Sad. Now what you guys have to remember is that a women's sexual appetite grows with age. While ours winds down theirs is just getting started. Women don't hit there sexual peaks until after 30 so if you got to go get some of them "blue diamonds" to stay strong do it. Women love sex as much as men. They want a man to make love to them some nights and beat that thing like a pinata other nights. Pardon my french but you have to love her right and fuck her right. A women who isn't getting it right stands out like Shaq in a crowd of midgets. And most guys are cool with hitting that on the low even when they know she has a man at home. What do they care, they getting to ride around in a nice car without having to keep up any maintenance. The big thing is women are far better liars than men. If we cheat were bound to get caught but if she cheating you might not ever know until she wants you to know. Her girls won't tell you unless one of them wants to fuck, but that's another story for another time. Bottom line is keep your eyes on the prize...fill up her heart as well as her thighs...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I don't know if you have heard but the police have killed another black man guilty of nothing. Transit police responded to what was said to be a fight on the train in Oakland CA. The story is sketchy from there but what happens next is clear. A black man was face down on the ground and one of the police officers shoots him in the back of the head. Out ragged? You should be but are you mad enough to destroy your own community? That's what the residents in Oakland did. Why is it that when we feel wronged we don't go after those who wronged us we just mess up our own stuff? I'm not one to promote this kind of mayhem but if your gonna brake up some shit you should have taken a ride down to Hollywood. That's how you get the nations attention. This isn't the first time (or the last I'm sure) that this has went down. Remember the L.A. riots that jumped off after the Rodney King beating. Don't throw a trash can through the African braiding spot, thrown one through the windows at the hair cuttery. Its so ridiculous. The "MAN" is just sitting back laughing at this nonsense.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My bad for skipping out on yall and not posting any new topics but I've been very busy but now I'm back for the new year. With 09 here I decided to not only tackle social issues but to also tackle a few lighter issues that I'm sure all of us can relate to. Now to the subject at hand...being PUSSY WHIPPED. I can hear all of you dudes talking bout"naw yo, that ain't me"...lol it might just be. This isn't a secret so I'm just going to put it out there...men will do anything to get to that wet and soft spot on a women. We will lie,cheat,steal...hell even kill. We will also do anything to make sure that a woman doesn't take it away. I mean it's crazy. All of a sudden niggas are going shoe shopping every weekend with there girls knowing damn well football is on. Not hanging out with the fellas anymore...and when they do they have to get permission. Now last I checked I only had one mama and I stopped asking her if I could go out when I was 17. Fellas whats up? I'm not saying don't love, respect, and treat your woman right but wheres your balls? Oh I know, she had them amputated and bronzed like your mom did your baby shoes and now they are hanging from here rear view mirror in her car. Whats up with getting up with the fellas once a month to chill? Hell she goes out with her girl 5 or 6 times a month. She out with her freakum dress on and you up in the crib with your du rag on and flip flops watching sports center. We ain't 70 years old man. Get out and have some fun. Stop being afraid that she gonna spaz on you. Stop being afraid that shes gonna hold out on sex. And most of all stop being afraid that shes going to leave your ass cause last I checked woman out number men in the state of Maryland and trust me she isn't going anywhere if your a good dude. A man that stands up to a woman is a man that is respected by a woman. And again I'm not saying disrespect her but but if you give anyone an inch they will take a mile. Stand your ground. 

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