Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm saying, can I hold $20 baby?

Damn this is something that just popped in my mind. I remember it being a Martin episode. Ladies, I ask are yall cool with making more than your man? Shit, I guess I should be asking is would your man be cool with that. I would be. Makes me no never mind as long as you holding me down like I hold you down and that you understand sometimes things may be out of my budget. Like if yall were getting married and you wanted a $10k ring and all he could afford was $2k would you be cool? If you drove a BMW and he drove a Saturn would you be willing to ride shotgun? I mean we live in a society especially in the black world were our sistas will and can make more that the brothas. Black women complete college at a higher rate than men. Also when a company is looking to hire you they are killing to birds with one stone (your a woman and your ethnic). Also how would your family feel, particularly your parents. I mean you making $90k and he making $40k and to them it always seems like you supporting him. Would you expect him to pay for diner most of the time like most women do? You want a good man that will love and support you but that man may not come in the form of a $100 bill but rather a $20 and thats the reality of the situation.

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