Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If GOD Is Willing And Da Creek Don't Rise

Shout out to Spike Lee for giving me something to write about. I have been in writers limbo for a while. Last night while watching his documentary on what Katrina did to the gulf and the governments response, it infuriated me . Once again politics took over and non-sense out weighed common sense. Why were faulty barriers built? Why didn't people step up and claim responsibility. Why is it five years later and that part of our country is still in shambles? Homes destroyed, people dead, and families displaced. The government has failed to do what it was set up to do and that is work for the people. Big business and back room deals prevailed. Katrina brought out the best and worst of our society. It showed that we are strong and will work to over come the worst situations. It also showed that we will use any means to manipulate people and make a buck. The human spirit is powerful but so is greed. Have you ever wondered what happens to the money you donate to help people? You make you donation and you sit back and say "I did my part". You call your friends and co-workers and ask about what they are doing to help. Bottom line is for all you know your donation is going to someone who doesn't need it. You put it in the hands of those you view as responsible and expect them to ration it out accordingly but then you see a documentary like If GOD Is Willing.... and you wake up. Jay Z rapped "sure I ponied up a mill but I didn't give my time/ so in reality I didn't give a dime or a damn/ i just put my money in the hands of the same people who left my people stranded". He did what most did and that's the reality of the situation.

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