Friday, October 8, 2010

Going in Circles

I mentioned in my last post that their are many programs built for us by us (no fubu lmao) that our own people don't take advantage of. I found this increasingly true when I did Supplied for Success, Beyond Today, Inc's first event. A simple school drive to donate backpacks full of the school supplies to less fortunate kids. I want to say that Supplied for Success was a success as you can see here and Y.O.U.R Community center was instrumental in helping me partner with West Education Center in D.C. to get these supplies into that hands of their students. The end product was great but getting there was a struggle. We contacted countless schools by email,mail,and phone through out Baltimore, P.G County, and D.C. We also reached out to several churches. No luck with any of that. We were told to just drop it off (yeah so it can just sit in some broom closet). We were told by many administrations that they would have to check with someone else. We were told that they have already partnered with another organization (as if more than one is a bad thing). In most cases we never spoke to the "decision maker" and when we did we found that these leaders were really not in the lead. These people really were not chiefs but really just Indians dressed to play the part. I dare not mention which schools and churches were unwilling to work with us for a greater good because maybe they will see the error in their ways and work on being better. The lack of leadership and partnership is disgusting. We have more than one problem in our community therefor it requires many working partnerships to reach a common goal. In this particular situation those in charge drag their feet and while they keep moving at a snail like pace its the kids who get stuck. If you have someone willing to help it is your duty to take advantage of it. Just because I'm not your frat brother, I don't attend your church, or we didn't grow up together doesn't mean we shouldn't share a circle. It appears to me by not letting an outsider in you just keep going in circles

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