Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oscar Grant: Wake Up, Stand Up, And Man Up.

Here we go again. Another instance of a black man being gunned down, not by one of our own like the media seems to always show, but by another police officer. I'm sure most of you know the story or have heard about Oscar Grant being shot in the back of his head as he was held down by police. The officer was sentenced to just 2 years. The jury said that there was sufficient evidence to believe the officer thought the weapon he was firing not his pistol but his taser. How does an a police officer not know when he is holding a gun or a taser? Shit, even a toddler knows the difference between his dick and balls. What a lame reason not to levy a "real" sentence on this man. this is the video of the shooting. you can here the gun shot around the 2:52 mark Very sad. I guess it's a coincidence that Mississippi Burning is on as I write this. Out of this tragedy comes many blacks protesting this unfortunate act of violence as so often happens when a black man is done wrong by those with power in this country and it gets national attention. My wish for us (blacks) is to stand up whenever these things happen... the ones that don't get media coverage. This isn't the first time this has happened nor will it be the last until we bring attention to all the misdeeds that are done to our own. it also means that we must stand together behind the scenes and in public. We are to divided between the haves and the have nots. We have too many blacks who don't want to risk loosing their middle class life to stand up and the poor blacks who keep allowing our own youth to destroy our own communities and dim our future. My mind is so jumbled with thoughts on this whole situation I'm finding it hard t get everything out so I will just say a few things I think we need to do.
1. Vote: Media says only 4.7% of us voted. That's ridiculous. If you want to be heard this is a way to get every ones attention.
2. Education: We need more blacks attending college and trade schools.
3. Politics: We need more of us running for public office. We also need to understand how government works from our local officials all the way to the President.
4. Non-Profits: We have so many organizations out here to help us with various issues. We need to seek them out.
5. Unity: Speaks for itself.

Those are some key things I think we should work on but I know there are so many others so help when and where you can. Since King and X, we have come far but it seems we are going full circle with another black man killed and a white man getting off easy... and that's the reality of the situation.


each1teach1 said...

Excellent article with great suggestions, but don't we need to do what we did in the Civil Rights movement now!!! The only this country understands is economic disruption. If we had boycotts & peaceful protest simultaneously around the country until justice is done wouldn't that have a greater impact?

Mr. H said...

I agree we should use the Civil Rights movement as a blue print. We could do exactly what they did and we have tools such as social media, cells phones, and the internet that connect us in a way that they could only dream about. Black people command power through our buying power and voting. We will get everyones attention buy hitting their wallets and by voting in the same numbers we did while Obama was running.


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